Pocket Genealogist 3.30

Posted by admin on Sep 29, 2008

Pocket Genealogist 3.30 has been released.

Warning: Database Layout changes, all databases must be re-imported.


• Device/Desktop: Added Multimedia support for all imports with the “Advanced” version of Pocket Genealogist. (Only Photos/Images get transferred to the device).
• Device: Added “Multimedia” as a new “Find” type. Multimedia objects can be selected based on title, caption, description or Note.
• Device/Desktop: Changes to the database which can greatly reduce the size on Windows Mobile 5 and newer devices.
• Device/Desktop: “Direct” import support for the latest version 7 release of Legacy Family Tree.
• Device: The Backup and Restore database feature with the “Advanced” version of Pocket Genealogist now has a “progress bar” to show the progress of the operation.
• Device: Added “GPS” to the menu when Editing Notes, Locations, Addresses and Repositories. (Otherwise non-touchscreen Smartphones could not access the GPS since they do not have “buttons”)
• Desktop: PAF import using the Add-on will now sort children by date of birth.
• Desktop: When re-importing/syncing your database, it will put the new database at the same location as the old database (on the device) unless “Synchronize to location with most space” is selected.
• Device: Changes to the “Backup”, “Restore” and “Find by” screens as the data fields were “crowding” the left side of the screen.
• Device: Change to the Uninstall Messages on the device to clarify what gets deleted if you select “Yes” to the prompts.
• Desktop: Change to the FTM 2008 “Direct” import (PAF/FTM Add-on) to handle the situation where GenBridge can return “no more individuals” when there are actually more.
• Desktop: Fix to UNICODE and UTF-8 GEDCOM imports. (Version 3.21 broke the ability to import UNICODE and UTF-8 GEDCOM’s)
• Desktop: Fix to the Genbox import to eliminate a couple of error messages that could be displayed during import. (They were false errors)
• Desktop: Fix to GEDCOM Latitude/Longitude processing… it would sometimes discard values thinking they were invalid.
• Desktop: Initial GenoPro GEDCOM Profile to eliminate some warnings that occur when the default “GEDCOM 5.5” profile is used.
• Device/Desktop: Update to French, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish translations.

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