MacFamilyTree 5.3 beta 1

Posted by admin on Sep 16, 2008

MacFamilyTree 5.3 beta 1 has been released.


• Virtual Globe now sports an Events list for easier navigation: click on any event in the Events side pane and immediately jump to the vividly highlighted geographic location.
• Improved Search to now support combinations of multiple search strings: search just like in Google or Spotlight on your Mac.
• New Family and Person Bookmarks to easily tag the various instances you are currently working on, or to which you want to return easily. Quickly navigate between those Bookmarks while performing your complex research.
• Optionally downscale huge pictures while adding them to your tree; you don’t necessarily want to import ditigal photos in RAW format to the MacFamilyTree database.
• Entirely new, WebKit-basd Reports you can now interactively customize: Person, Kinship and Distinctive Persons Reports, Lists for Places, Events and Birthdays. You define which information you require. The new Reports also offer the same flexibility towards font styles and sizes which made MacFamilyTree’s reporting feature so popular already.
• Rewritten Kinship Report now more accurately handles complex inter- and intra-family relationships over multiple generations.
• Improved quick navigation labels precisely define the context in which you are currently working or browsing.
• Better handling of date format inconsistencies and individual notations for incomplete date entries and/or modifiers.

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