Genmod 1.6

Posted by admin on Sep 2, 2008

Genmod 1.6 has been released.

Too many changes to list them all here:

• Genmod has the ability to use Greybox as picture viewer.
• Nicknames can be displayed in brackets between first and surname, e.g. William (Bill) Smith. This is optional.
• The individual page shows partners either with label ‘partner’ (not married) or ‘husband/wife’ (married).
• Genmod will also display the type of romanisation for placenames.
• Families, individuals and sources can be linked to a multimedia object right from the media detail page.
• Multiple multimedia objects, linked to an individual or family, can be reordered now.
• All access control (privacy) options are now concentrated on the privacy page.
• Access control for deceased persons is added.
• Find the release notes at

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