Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2008

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Free Placeable Text and Image Objects located above the actual tree and overlapping a person box caused an overlapping warning message during output, even though they did not have a shadow. The bug has been corrected.
• Under certain conditions the automatic program update function could not find the installation directory of the FamilyTreeFactory. In those cases the user was prompted to select the installation folder. The lack has been corrected. However, the improvement will be effective first when updating from version to a higher version.
• Now the updater program has a digital signature of the author of the FamilyTreeFactory.
• Now automatic saving of the Gedcom import log at deactivated converter dialog can be switched on/off by the checkbox Save the log along with the GEDCOM file in the GEDCOM Options dialog, Import Options tab, Log Contents and Level of Detail area.
• In the Editor for Free Text Objects multiple text variables can be selected from a dropdown list and insertet in the text entry field. All defined text variables and their functions are described in the manual in the section Edit Free Text Objects, Editor for Free Text Objects.
• After drawing a rectangle with the left mouse button (Ctrl key pressed) now special Free Text Objects Graphic Title and Symbol Key can be created. These Text Objects can be used instead of the automatically created and positioned graphic titles and symbol key, which are defined in the Treeview Options. These Text Objects can also be placed outside the area of person boxes in expanded graphic margins. The Text Object Graphic Title uses text variables and can be edited in the Editor for Free Text Objects. The Text Object Symbol Key cannot be edited due to internal specialty.
• In the output language file editor with the new function Duplicate language an existing language can be copied under a new name to a new column.
• Now in the personal data dialog, multiple lines data fields Occupation and Note, so-called output language tags can be used to assign sections to a certain output language. Different texts for different output languages can be saved side by side in a single data field. In person boxes and on file cards only one section will be output according to the output language currently selected in the Program Options. Regarding the GEDCOM export, in the GEDCOM Export Options the data to be exported can be selected. Details are described in the new section Usage of Output Language Tags.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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