Personal Ancestry Writer II v82

Posted by admin on Aug 29, 2008

Personal Ancestry Writer II v82 has been released.


• Level 0 FAM tags which have neither subordinate HUSB nor WIFE tags now create a husband with a ? for a surname and an unknown wife, and the family will include any children specified in subordinate CHIL tags.
• Level 1 RIN tags are ignored on import. The GEDCOM standard defines the RIN tag as “Automated Record Id (size 1 to 12). A unique record identification number assigned to the record by the source system. This number is intended to serve as a more sure means of identification of a record between two interfacing systems.”
• Level 1 RFN (allowed for individuals only) tags are ignored on import. The GEDCOM standard defines the RFN tag as “Permanent Record File Number (size 1 to 90). The record number that uniquely identifies this record within a registered network resource. The number will be usable as a cross-reference pointer. The use of the colon (:) is reserved to indicate the separation of the ‘registered resource identifier’ (which precedes the colon) and the unique ‘record identifier’ within that resource (which follows the colon).
• Level 1 RESN tags (allowed for individuals only) are ignored on import. The GEDCOM standard defines the RESN tag as “Restriction Notice (size 6 to 7) [locked | privacy]. The restriction notice is defined for Ancestral File usage. Ancestral File download GEDCOM files may contain this data. Where locked = Some records in Ancestral File have been satisfactorily proven by evidence, but because of source conflicts or incorrect traditions, there are repeated attempts to change this record. By arrangement, the Ancestral File Custodian can lock a record so that it cannot be changed without an agreement from the person assigned as the steward of such a record. The assigned steward is either the submitter listed for the record or Family History Support when no submitter is listed. privacy = Information concerning this record is not present due to rights of or an approved request for privacy.”
• Any subordinate tags for the above-mentioned tags are ignored, as are any for level 1 HUSB, WIFE and CHIL tags. • Date modifiers (ABT, BEF, AFT and BET-AND) are capitalized on export. (Other date modfiers have always resulted in a warning message.)
• Place qualifiers (possibly, probably and near) are spelled out in lower-case on export, rather than using the short forms ?, * and ~.
• Consecutive question marks as well as consecutive underscores entered or imported into a name field are reduced to a single question mark or a single underscore.
• Imported level 1 NOTE tags within the HEAD tag may now contain pointers to note records rather than text. This is non-standard.
• Imported SOUR tags with a pointer to a source record may now have subordinate TEXT lines. This is non-standard.
• A few other non-standard structures exported by Reunion are now imported and a couple of errors are corrected.
• General notes are now exported when the ANSEL or UTF-8 character set is chosen.
• The Reference guide appendix “GEDCOM” has been updated and now includes a grammatical description of the structure of exported GEDCOMs.

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