iFamily for Leopard 2.423

Posted by admin on Aug 8, 2008

iFamily for Leopard 2.423 has been released.


• HTML Web Pages: Added an option to suppress the display and printing of iFamily For Leopard from the footer on each web page. Added Cmd-W to the Close buttons.
Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams: Added an option to suppress the display and printing of the iFamily for Leopard footer. Added Cmd-W to the Close buttons.
• Context Diagram: Added an option to to allow the user to decide if the Family Dialog should be displayed each time a parent or spouse is added to the Context Diagram. The workflow was changed in V2.419 so that the Family Dialog was always displayed when a parent or spouse was added to the Context Diagram. However, if you have the Family Pane open then displaying the Family Dialog as well is redundant. Version 2.422 now allows the user to decide if these pop-up dialogs should be displayed or not. The default is OFF, as in versions prior to V2.419. Added Cause of Death o the scroll-ball activated text in each person’s box.
• Multimedia Objects: Added the following file types to those that may be dropped in the Pictures pane, onto a person in the Context Diagram or into the Picture Editor Dialog: 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, aac, ac3, adts, amc, amr, asf, asx, atr, avi, bwf, caf, cdda, cel, dat, dib, dif, dv, dvd, flc, fli, gsm, jpe, kar, m15, m1a, m1s, m1v, m2a, m3u, m4b, m4v, m75, mid, midi, MOV, mov, mp2, mp4, mpa, mpeg, mpg, mpm, mpv, MQV, mqv, pls, qcp, qht, qhtm, qif, qt, QT, qtpf, qtz, rtsp, sd2, sdp, sdv, sfil, skin, smf, smi, smil, sml, swa, vfw, wax, wma, wmv, wvx . iFamily will now accept 216 different file types for images, sound, text and movies.
• Merge Two People: Added merge of Source References, confirmations of relationship merges, merge of marriage events. Improved the logic for merging parent, child and spouse relationships. Corrected an error that occasionally occurred when merging two people within the current database. The error was trapped and no harm was done.
• Sources Add/Edit – Notes: Added Cmd-W to the Close button and removed it from the Spell Check button.
• Gedcom Load: Corrected an error in Gedcom Load related to handling of movie files (refer above).

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