Pocket Genealogist 3.20

Posted by admin on Jun 13, 2008

Pocket Genealogist 3.20 has been released.

Changes :

• Device/Desktop: Support for Legacy Family Tree Version 7.
– “Direct” imports for Legacy V4 have been discontinued.
– Reworked “Customize” screen on import to better support those installations that use more than one version of Legacy.
– Added “Events” to the “Notes” section for the Legacy Customize dialog. (This allows you to turn off importing of event notes if necessary).
– 2-way synchronization option now selectable from the “Customize” screen to allow selection or deselection as the default.
• Device/Desktop: Support for The Master Genealogist Version 7.
– Support for TMG 7.01 HVR3 field with mtDNA.
• Device/Desktop: Support for FTM 2008 via GEDCOM import or “Direct” using optional PAF/FTM add-on.
– PAF/FTM Add-on needs to be re-installed.
– Fact/Name Notes not yet supported with PAF/FTM Add-on import.
• Device/Desktop: Support for Ancestral Quest 12 Build 12.
– Support for Phonetic and Romanized Names.
– Fixed issue where source type list could be incomplete on direct AQ imports.
• Device: Reworked the “Name” tab and added “Custom” name fields (AKA, Married Name, Phonetic Name, Romanized Name, etc.) in support of PAF, AQ, Progen and Family Historian. “Nickname” added as separate field.
• Device: Increased the width of the drop down lists on the Name and Event tabs.
• Device: DNA screens completely reworked to add better support for AQ, TMG and Legacy including support for mtDNA.
• Device: “Find by” dialog reworked for PocketPC’s.
• Device: Changed the “Find by” dialog, Names tab and Individual View to use new “markers” to tell if the name is an AKA, Alias or Legacy Married name. It now uses ~ for AKA’s/Aliases and § for Married Name.
• Device: Relationship calculator changed to display list of individuals that are the ancestors/descendants between the two selected people.
• Desktop: Reworked the Create list and find list on the desktop. (Added Version and Size columns, allow sorting by columns and double clicking to select among other changes).
• Desktop: The “Data Entry may be very slow for Storage Card” message now allows for “Don’t show this prompt again”.
• Device: Added support for selecting font size for non-touchscreen smartphones. (Same as other devices now).
• Desktop: Added new option on “Advanced” options screen – “Synchronize to location with most free space”. With initial sync of a database, the location (memory, file store or storage card) with the most space will be selected as the target of the sync. (Which can be overridden).
• Desktop: Automatically try the “Use TCP/IP” option if synchronization fails without it. (And turn it on automatically if it works).
• Device: Support for 480×272 screen resolution devices. (Widescreen GPS devices for example).
• Device: Support for 320×320 screen resolution devices.
• Device: Support for 176×220 smartphones (Windows Mobile 5 and higher).
• Desktop: The installer will now warn user if database layout changes have occurred with the new install.
• Desktop: Fix for 2-way Legacy Synchronizations. (It could terminate the 2-way Sync under rare situations thinking that changes occurred both on the desktop and device).
• Desktop: Fix to GEDCOM imports for PAF (When “Divorced” flag is set).

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