Legacy Charting – Important update instructions

Posted by admin on Jun 13, 2008

The following announcement has been posted on the Legacy blog:

As you may know, Legacy Charting‘s Pre-Release Edition will expire on June 15, 2008. When you installed Legacy 7.0 Deluxe edition, Legacy was supposed to “override” the Pre-Release edition of Legacy Charting with the Deluxe edition of Legacy Charting. Well…it didn’t. We’ve identified the small glitch and have corrected it.

Therefore, if you installed both the Pre-Release Edition of Legacy Charting AND you installed Legacy 7.0 Deluxe Edition, you will need to download a special update.

Before June 15

If you do this before June 15, all you need to do is open Legacy Charting, click on the Tips & Updates tab, and click on the button in the Updates section to download and install the new update.

June 15 or after

If you do this on or after June 15, when you try to run Legacy Charting, you will receive a message that directs you to the Legacy Charting website. There you will find a link to download the update. Or, just click here to download and install the update.

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