iFamily for Tiger 2.387

Posted by admin on May 29, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.387 has been released.


• GEDCOM Import – Added an extra index to improve loading of large GEDCOM files. The time to load a GEDCOM file containing 143,000 people into an iFamily database has been reduced from 33 minutes to 10 minutes – using a 2.8 MHz Core-Duo Intel iMac with 2Gb memory under OS X 10.5. However, on a P4 running OS X 10.4 and only 500Mb memory this same GEDCOM file may take some hours to load! The crucial things for speed when loading very large GEDCOM files are (a) use OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and (b) have at least 1 Gb (preferably 2 Gb) of memory.
• Family Group Sheet – Added an option to include Event Notes.
• Descendants Diagrams – Added an option to include/exclude Adopted and Step children as descendants.
• Move Data Directory – The correct way to move the folder that contains the iFamily data is to use menu option File -> Move Data Directory. In V2.384 additional validation has been added to ensure that the location the iFamilyForTigerData folder has not been invalidated by the user using other methods to relocate this folder.
• People -> Notes Dialog – Added a Family Name filter.
• People -> Relationships Calculator – Added a Print button.
• People -> Relationships Calculator – Added a Family Name filter.

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