Posted by admin on May 29, 2008

Genota has been released.


• Upgraded for Legacy 7 compatability.
• Fixed an issue causing the Notebook Report to fail when the research log entries split across pages.
• Removed the duplicated RENAME menu option in the Notebook Manager.
• Fixed wordwrap problem occurring in the Research Log section of the Notebook Report.
• Corrected an issue causing the Notebook Report to crash when HTML script was embedded in an RTF file.
• Corrected an index conflict occuring in the Reseach List data file.
• Changed the bug reporting process. The Mantis Bug Tracker has been implemented to ensure better control over monitoring errors and/or enhancement requests in Genota. Now when an error is encountered in Genota the error log is transmitted to the Mantis Bug Tracker and the management advsed. All reports submitted by users may be viewed once logged into the Genota web site.

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