The Master Genealogist 7.01

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

The Master Genealogist 7.01 has been released.

New Features:

• An option to Initialize Repeat Files was added to the Files / Maintenance menu.
• Formatting codes were added for left indenting ([LIND:]) and centering ([CENTER:]) of text in word processor reports. See ‘Formatting codes’ in the help index.
• JournalIntro and JournalConclusion tag types were added to support text before and after the structured part of the Journal report. See the entries under the ‘Journal Report’ entry in the Help index.
• Filters were added to aid selection of people for DNA studies. (e.g., Is a Matrilineal Ancestor, Is not a Patrilineal Descendant, etc.). See ‘Filters for DNA Studies’ in the help index.

Changed Feature:

• The Repeat function for citations now always opens the Citation window with the last citation entered. Thereafter, you can press F3 on the Source Number field to repeat even earlier citations.

Fixed/Updated Features:

• An error could occur when a flag had been added to the Add Person template.
• Double-clicking in the citation field could give an error.
• In some cases, an ‘error building key for index’ error occurred when adding a person.
• The buttons at the right end of the Citation field could be hidden when using the v7 resizing method.
• The screen could be hidden when opened with the multiple monitor option selected in Preferences.
• Using F2 to select an unused ID# didn’t select the first available number.
• Other potential errors were fixed.

• An error occurred when trying to select a custom frame under certain conditions
• Corrected some labels on the Report Definition screen.
• Chart configuration – Some discrepencies between the default and reset configurations were resolved.

• Tag Box – Name tag labels were truncated to 14 characters of the possible 20-character length.o Details window didn’t size properly when stretched beyond a certain point.
• An error could occur when trying to navigate to a person using the Siblings window.o Associates, Children, Siblings windows – There were some issues with right-click menu options being available.
• An error occurred when a person had no primary parents and you right-clicked on the Mother or father label on the Person View and selected ‘Edit this Tag’.
• If you right-clicked in the Tag Box and selected ‘Add Tag’, there could be a problem scrolling the Master Tag Type list depending on where you had right-clicked.
• The date display was not refreshed in the Associates Windows when the Preferences date format was changed
• An Open dialog occurred when the program was started and the Project Explorer had been filtered the last session.
• Sort by ID# onthe Project Explorer was incorrect under some conditions such as after a data set merge until Validate File Integrity had been run.
• Use checkmarks option was not updated on the Window menu when the Associates window was added.

• The DNA Heritage template was updated with some label changes.
• The Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) template has HVR3 added.
• An Open dialog could occur when a new test was selected from the DNA log and the [Add] button clicked.
• Fixed various scrolling issues with DNA templates during data entry.

• An error was encountered after adding a WMV file.
• Drag and drop to the Exhibit Log didn’t work when the focus was something other than a person
• Insert new OLE didn’t work.
• The display of the ‘Exhibit output reordering’ checkmark in the right-click menu was backwards.
• Using the Windows application key opened an extra screen.
• When using the [Add] button, the file type selection should now be ‘remembered’.

• Buttons were hidden when the filter window was stretched.
• Filters – Some filters could be saved with an empty value field.

• Some icons were missing on the Research Suggestions from GenSmarts screen.
• The ‘&’ character in a user name blocked the functioning of the module.
• GenSmarts – Under WinVista, the CTRL+I feature should work with GenSmarts or later and TMG v7.00 or later.

• TMG4 import – Dates on Name-Marr tags were lost.
• TMG4 Import – With some TMG4 data sets, an error occurred that would prevent completion of the import.
• The default export path was not being used for the first use of some export file types.
• Export Sources and Source Types didn’t always point to the export folder specified in Preferences.
• Import Sources – Some of the exported data was not being imported.

• Welcome screen – Now has the focus when the program starts
• Center the current window – Error using this option when no windows were open.
• Center the current window – This option only worked with top-level windows rather than with all windows.
• Move up/down buttons – On several lists, the move up/down buttons were not always active or inactive when they should be.
• Relationship tag – F6 wouldn’t delete a citation.
• Master Repository List – Column headers didn’t stick when adjusted.
• Accent screen – Saving with F9 gave inconsistent results.
• Easy Search toolbar – Some issues with docking the toolbar were fixed.

• All legal characters (as specified by the operating system) can now be used in the layout names and in the layout comment field.
• Custom layouts were not available after a restore until you exited and restarted the program.

• The [Reset defaults…] button was doing more than it should.
• All settings on the New People tab weren’t being saved.
• Current Project Options. Places tab. Country names are now shown in the current language.
• The Associates window was added to the Item Tips tab.

• Individual Narrative report – Strange text appeared at the end of the report when output to HTML.
• Narrative reports – All text within the [SIZE:][:SIZE] format was printed in the “Courier New” font. The text will now be printed in the current text font.
• NarrativeChildren tag – Various issues were resolved
• Journal – The Options on the Tag tab for “born 1861″ and “b. 1861″ had no effect on the output on the ancestor report.
• Journal – The new [+] code didn’t work correctly in a child paragraph
• Journal – Checking “Suppress Details for Living persons” caused output problems in the “Children of ___ and ___ were as follows” statement when the children are flagged as living.
• List of Citations – An error occurred when the report was output in columnar mode and a place part was output.
• List of Names – Some incorrect labels were used on the Report Definition Screen.
• List of People – Errors occurred with the column width calculations when a report was output.
• List of People – The primary checkbox in the filter wasn’t working correctly.
• List of Sources – An error occurred if using the ‘Number of repositories = n’ filter.
• List of Sources – Outputting the report with a repository field included in the output columns gave an error.
• List of Sources – Problem specifying data set value in filters.
• Escape character – various issues with the escape character were fixed.
• An error and various issues with deleting/resetting report configurations were fixed in the Book Manager.

• The date format selected in Preferences wasn’t being used.
• When a tag has two or more witnesses assigned the same Role and the variable [R:rolename] was used in the sentence for that witness, the names of all the witnesses with that role were listed when only the current witness should be listed.
• Sentence preview could fail to refresh when the Principals are switched and auto recalc is off.

• Master Source List – Errors when cancelling a source were fixed.
• Source elements – There was an error when adding and double-clicking the list too rapidly.
• Source templates – Sensitivity braces in the “name” source elements caused the entire full footnote and short footnote to be empty.

• It was possible to create two primary tags of the same type.
• The display of dates with modifiers for witnesses was truncated
• When editing a source template, escaped text in square brackets was converted from lower to upper case when the field was saved.
• A manually created sort order of citations failed to ’stick’ under certain conditions.
• It was possible to close the Tag Entry screen with the Citation screen still open.
• The Sentence Structures screen had an issue when using v5/6 resizing.
• Sometimes a citation selected using the [Repeat last citation] button didn’t display until the tag was saved and re-opened.
• The Sentence screen right-click menu or Name tags contained some options that didn’t apply.
• With the v5/6 resizing option enabled, the Witness Add/Edit screen was ‘flashing’ when opened.
• Marriage tag – When edited to add a date, the tag could be changed to non-primary for one spouse.

• The last ‘List of folders for location’ path selected should now be ‘remembered’.
• On first use, When you add paths to VFI using the ‘List of folders for location’ option and click the [Add] button, the path was not opening using the Exhibits path specified in Preferences.

• Place information button – the GNIS and GNS links were updated.
• Web Place menu – the GNIS link was updated
• Web Other menu – All links were checked and updated as necessary

• Installer – Some fixes were made to the installer translations.
• Error – variable ‘LCS’ not found error was fixed.
• Move Person – Multiple source types of the same name would be created event when they were identical.
• Last Edited Date – The Last Edited Date is now updated immediately after a flag edit is saved.
• Relationship tag types – The rebuild all sentences button is now disabled
• Reminder window – When v5/6 resizing was used, the memo font setting was ignored and the Reminder text always displayed in 8 pt.
• Research Log – Comment text from an existing selected task would be copied to a new task.
• Research Task – ‘Paste Unformatted Text’ was added to right-click menu
• Shutdown – An error could occur under WinVista.
• Spell checker – Spaces were added to text being checked.
• State/Province Abbreviations – Couldn’t use ‘-’ character.
• Translated labels – Various issues of translated labels not displaying correctly were fixed.
• Tools menu – Checkmark appeared next to Text Editor when timelines were toggled on.
• Cue Cards – Some corrections were made and German translations were added
• German reminders for some source types were added (any existing reminders will not be overwritten)
• Some corrections were made to Tips and Hints
• Picklist – When adding a witness with the Picklist, if a non-primary name is selected, the ID of the person will be selected and the specific name variation will be automatically selected in the list of name variations (if in Advanced Data Entry mode).
• Edit menu – The ‘Filter the Project Explorer’ option will be disabled when the Project Explorer is not open.
• After encountering an error during backup, a successful backup message occurred when the backup was not successful.
• Custom Toolbar Manager – In some cases, buttons were not being selected from the correct Buttons folder.

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