Second Site 2.1 build 9

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Second Site 2.1 build 9 has been released.


• Added thumbnail options to the SubPage Picture User Item.
• Added support for TMG’s [SIZE:] and [:SIZE] printer codes.
• Added the Format.Show Principal Role Name and Format.Show Witness Role Name properties to control the display of role names with the tag label in Formats that show the tag label.
• Added properties in the Dates section to control the format of spouse lifespans in the family section of person page entries.
• Replaced the Show Legend property in all Chart User Items with a Legend Position property that supports suppressing the Chart legend, placing it at the top of the chart, at the bottom, or at the top and bottom.
• Added the “None” choice to the “Menu” property of the SubPage User Item to make it more convenient for users to make SubPages that are not linked directly from one of the site menus.
• Added the “Clear” pull-down menu to the Heading, Picture, and Text User Items to allow users to control the flow of items that follow floated content such as left-aligned or right-aligned pictures.
• Added the Transform() function to support user-specified XSLT transformations for custom pages.


• Changed the implementation of the SubPage image-related styles to make the alignment of the box that contains the image more precise; this change should be transparent to all users except in some cases where in previous versions text did not align precisely with the top of an adjacent left- or right-aligned image.
• Replaced the Timeline converter application (tlconvert.exe) with a new version that is compatible with TMG v7 timeline files.
• Changed the implementation of the Link User Item to avoid adding the “.htm” extension for PDF files.


• Fixed a problem where VCF charts could not be imported if TMG v7 was the only version of TMG installed.
• Fixed a problem where the primary image icon was not suppressed in custom indexes even if the person was living and Suppress Details for Living People was selected.
• Fixed errors in the System styles “Name: Prefix” and “Name: PreSurname” styles that prevented those styles from being applied properly.
• Fixed a problem with Timeline Charts where right arrows (”>”) were appearing in the output.

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