Reunion 9.07

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Reunion 9.07 has been released.

New features:

• Added support for Google Analytics in web output.
• Added the option to exclude event memo fields from GEDCOM export (Export GEDCOM / Optional Fields).
• Added two new options for reporting marriage in narrative reports (and you may exclude the name of the source person).
• New and improved tooltips. For example, the number of children appears when the mouse hovers over a person’s button, quickbar buttons, overview buttons, etc. and when selecting people in menus, such as the Spouse popup menu, Sibling popup menu, etc.

Changes and fixes:

• Appearance Preferences – added an option to enable/disable the use of colored text for children and siblings in popup menus.
• Charts – fixed a problem in the Orientation window where changing numbers of generations didn’t work properly with “Top to bottom, Butterfly, Waterfall.”
• Charts – fixed a problem that generated an erroneous warning when changing orientation in 2-generation descendant charts.
• Charts – fixed a problem where menu commands Align/Size/Frame would sometimes be disabled when multiple boxes were selected.

• Descendant report with Register outline numbering – fixed a problem where Index cross references for spouses were incorrect.
• dotMac/iDisk publishing – the destination has changed to: rather than
• Edit Person window – fixed a problem when removing a citation from an event/fact if the event/fact contained multiple citations.
• Family card – more than 64 children appear properly.
• Family group sheets – fixed problems with multi-line marriage memos when the destination was printer or print preview.
• Family History report – fixed a problem where events with a place but no date were not reported.
• Fan charts – fixed a problem when moving fan charts between platforms.
• Find Anything – fixed a problem with calculation of “Spouse’s Age Difference” when the wife was older than the husband.
• GEDCOM Export – fixed a problem where text in marriage memos denoted as sensitive was not omitted from exported GEDCOM files.
• GEDCOM Export – tweaked the names of GIF and TIF files in the exported GEDCOM file.
• GEDCOM Import – added drag/drop support for Unicode GEDCOM files on Intel Macs.
• GEDCOM Import – fixed a problem when a couple had more than one marriage event.
• Leopard – fixed a cosmetic problem with Sibling and Spouse popup menus creating empty person buttons on the family card.
• Leopard – fixed a problem with the use of certain letter key shortcuts when child/parent lists are displayed on the family card.
• List Window, sorting – improved consistency between fields in the list and fields in the Manual Sort popup menus. Also, allowed sorting on more fields in the Attributes submenu.
• Mailing list report – fixed a cosmetic problem with sticking cursor after the report was created.
• Match/Merge – fixed a problem when comparing birth/death dates within xx years.
• Multimedia – Photoshop files with no extension (in the File Open window) are enabled.
• Multimedia window – first picture dragged and dropped into the thumbnail view will become the preferred picture.
• Multimedia window – fixed a Leopard crash when clicking on comments.
• Opening files – files in the Trash won’t be auto-opened, nor can they be opened using the Recent submenu.
• Pictures – when adding a picture, a new message prompts the user to add the preferred picture to the current view. Also, increased the default size of the preferred picture.
• Soundex – fixed a problem with “Mc” names.
• Source List – fixed a problem with the use of Command-M to mark people linked to a selected source.
• Tags in charts and web pages – fixed a problem where English names were used in the dateFormat tag, regardless of the System Preferences/International settings.
• View Preferences – fixed a problem when deleting all views in order to restore the default views.

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