MemoryMiner 1.85

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

MemoryMiner 1.85 has been released.

New features:

• Keyword Mappings: both the People and Place editors let you specify a keyword, which, if found either embedded in the image file, or in an iPhoto data record, will cause the appropriate person or place to be associated with the newly imported photo.
• Remove People/Place Context Menu: A new context menu now appears in the Contact Sheet views of both the People and Place editors. This makes it easy to remove a person or a place from a selection of photos.


• Google Maps Address Lookup: Google Maps address lookup will fail silently if the address being looked up contains “control” characters such as the return character. Such characters are now removed. This can happen with addresses imported from Address Book that have multi-line addresses.
• UTF-8 Encoded GEDCOM Files: GEDCOM files saved with UTF-8 text encoding, such as those created by Reunion, are now supported.

• Keyboard Shortcuts: Added consistent keyboard shortcuts for Select All (cmd-a) and Select None (cmd-d) for all 3 Contact Sheet views.
• Added Japanese Help System: The local HTML help system has now been translated into Japanese.
• Auto Life Period Icon Creation: When edting a selection marker on a photo, MemoryMiner looks to see if can create a icon representing the person in question, either “globally” or for the appropriate life period based on the photos’s date and the person’s birth date. When an “unspecified” marker (such as is created when dragging a person onto a seleciton of photos in the contact sheet) the attempt to create a life period icon is deferred until the marker is actually resized. The same applies when dropping a person onto a photo that’s being annotated. The reason for doing this is to help automatically create the best possible icon for a person when one does not already exist.
• Annotation Web Service: A check is now made for requests whose portfolios are deleted on the server when performing a Status Update. In such cases, the local XML record about a remote request is now automatically deleted.

Bug Fixes:

• Conversion of non-JPEG files in Flickr Upload: Image files such as TIFF which have resolution tags > 72 DPI were not being converted to JPEG at ther full “natural size” before being uploaded. This has been fixed.
• Localization Improvements: Numerous typographical and other corrections were made in the various localizations, partiuclarly the German, Japanese and Chinese.
• Refresh after loading KML files: After importing places from a Google KML file, the Places table was not being reloaded. Now it is.
• Streamlined .Mac Upload configuraiton: When selecting .Mac as the host for HTML export, a bug with the testing phase that would sometimes cause “false failures” has been fixed.
• Annotation Web Service Update: Fixed an XML date/time conversion bug affecting the date when an annotation was last made using the web annnotation service.
• Mac/Windows Library Exchange: Fixed problems with selection marker and life period icons not being properly exchanged when moving a library archive file (.mlz) between the Mac and Windows versions of MemoryMiner.

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