Genea 1.4

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Genea 1.4 has been released.


• Zoom for Family-Tree-Display.
• Remember the last-used image file type.
• Limit for results when searching for people.
• Automatic database update.
• Funeral-event.
• Godfather in baptism, whitness to marriage.
• User-number to people and events.
• Executing person of events (officials, priests, etc.)
• Combined event data input.
• Help function in backup.
• Date-input: switch focus after last digit.


• On the EditPerson-dialog, tab page “comment”, you can not insert a newline into the textbox.
• Add help for InputAssistanceForm.
• Editing a Marriage duplicates it.
• NullReferenceException when editing Course of Life.
• Working Directory Not Set.
• Wrong LANG in GEDCOM export.
• GEDCOM Import not working.
• Redundant DB update after Genea crashes.
• Backup should use Culture-Settings from Genea.

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