Gedcom Census 6

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Gedcom Census 6 has been released.

New features:

• For those who like to attach images to your sources, you no longer have to link them at the end of the process, it can be done at any time.
• As well as creating estimated birth events for those with no birth record, Gedcom Census will now add birth date or birth place to existing birth events if this information is missing.
• 1911 UK census entries can now be made.
• Census country can be quickly changed on the main screen without the need to go into the options screen.
• Added another reference code to the Title Template option for method 1: {KEYPERSON} will fill in the name of the first person selected for the census. This may lead to some users no longer needing to use the “Other Info” field.
• In the narrative description of an individual that is displayed at the bottom of the main screen, Gedcom Census will now estimate the age of the individual for before, after, between, from and to dates as well as the standard dates previously dealt with.

• There is now an option to limit the number of backups of files kept by Gedcom Census to an amount chosen by the user.
• The user now has the choice to select all the individuals first and then enter their ages. Previously it was not possible to select an individual until the previously chosen individual had their age entered.
• There is now an option to cancel the loading of large GEDCOM file.
• Gedcom Census no longer defaults to saving log files and backups to the Gedcom Census installation folder (e.g. C:Program FilesGedcom Census). Unless a different location is specified within the options, the log and backup are saved to a folder in the user documents (My Documents) called ‘Gedcom Census Backups and Log’. This should help to ensure that Gedcom Census always works with standard (non admin) user accounts and avoids the virtual store being used in Vista.
• It is now possible to miss out the space after the comma when typing the name of an individual into the “Find Individual” screen.
• If changes have been manually made to the “Full Text” field when using recording method 1, then the user is now warned if these edits will be lost due to a field change following the rules of the full text template.
• Gedcom Census will now remember whether you previously had “Show All” ticked and retain this setting between sessions.
• There are also various changes to the interface throughout the program.

Bug fixes:

• When using auto-text, Gedcom Census would assume that the head of household was married even if there were no marriage events for the individual in question. This has now been fixed.
• If changes were made to the file outside of Gedcom Census then any birth details entered before the reload were lost and had to be re-entered. This has now been fixed so that these birth details are retained.
• Gedcom Census didn’t handle people with names that had text after the surname, e.g. Mary /Smith/ Bloggs.
• Fixed a problem where flag check would cause a crash if a census event had a blank date.

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