MacFamilyTree 5.1 beta 1

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

MacFamilyTree 5.1 beta 1 has been released.


• Media Browser: display essential information (media title, person name, date of birth).
• Media Browser: quickly access all pictures in the database (other media types will be supported in the near future).
• Media Browser: quickly access Edit Mode for all people with attached media in the database.
• Fan Chart: fully editable as with all charts and reports in MacFamilyTree 5.
• Fan Chart: flexibly and interactively set the number of generations.
• Fan Chart: adjustable fan angle from 90° to 360°.

• Fan Chart: automatically increase cell size to fit information also for distant generations.
• Fan Chart: autocoloring of generations for quick results.
• Fan Chart: selectable “Themes”: multicolor or line-art, also supports greyscale output.
• GUI: media can be browsed directly in the Persons, Families, Sources and Events Edit Mode.
• GUI: direct access to Kekulé numbering via main window.
• GUI: improved Auto-Zoom (charts).
• GUI: improved Fit-to-Screen (charts).
• GUI: many added contextual menus (right mouse button/CTRL-click).
• GUI: improved list views.
• GUI: many usability improvements including Drag’n’Drop support.
• Performance enhancements.
• Some minor issues fixed.

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