iFamily for Tiger 2.341

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.341 has been released.


• Event Names Editor, Merge Two People, Family Dialog, Sources Dialog and Context Diagram: Minor corrections to avoid the possibility of a very occasional error when deleting a Person, Event or Source.
• Disconnect Person: Enhanced the recording of Undo action names in the undo manager to make undo more informative.
• Main Menu: Added a main menu option called File -> Save. It simply explains that a manual save is not required because iFamily automatically does a save very frequently – nearly every time you make a change. All database saves are done in background so that the user does not notice them being done.
• Sources Add/Edit Dialog and Source Search Dialog: Reduced the initial size of the Sources Add/Edit and Search dialogs to always fit correctly on a 1024 x 768 screen, with the Dock unhidden and full size.

• Spurious Messages in the System Log File: Stopped iFamily (under Leopard) from reporting spurious Core-Graphics “errors” to the System Log file. iFamily already detected the error and made an appropriate correction. The error messages in the system.log file were unnecessary.
• Project Views Add/Edit Dialog: Reduced the initial size of the Project Views Add/Edit dialog.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams: Where no marriage event has been entered the spouse is now prefixed with + in lieu of m.
• GEDCOM Export: Added a user preference to indent or not indent the lines in the GEDCOM file.
• GEDCOM Export: Enhanced to sort FAMS records within an INDI record by marriage date.
• Context Diagram: Corrected an error that may (very occasionally) cause a minor problem when displaying the Context Diagram.
• Event Places Editor: Added buttons for “Refresh” and “Move Place Name to Notes” – to assist editing after import of “Facts” from an FTM GeEDCOM file.
• Memory Management: Tuned various functions to reduce the memory usage and increase speed of response on both Tiger and Leopard. The improvements from this tuning are modest and will only be noticed on large databases with more than 20,000 people.
• Google Maps Save Panel: The options for saving the Event geocodes and the People’s map images are now saved as user preferences. They previously defaulted to the first option each time the Google Maps Save dialog was invoked.
• Google Maps Save Panel: Added option to not save any map images.

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