MemoryMiner 1.8

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

MemoryMiner 1.8 has been released.

New features:

• A Flickr Upload Plugin lets you quickly and simply upload one or more photos to Flickr, with a complete set of annotations. Supported metadata include geocodes (i.e. lat/long values from a photo’s Place object), Flickr “notes” (based on MemoryMiner Selection Markers), title, captions, dates (including partial dates) and tags. Privacy settings may also be set.
• The contents of Adobe Lightroom libraries are now available for drag and drop from the Media Browser. Camera RAW files can be used, and are automatically converted to JPEG as needed when publishing to the web, or uploading to Flickr.
• Added new “Library Archive” document format (.mlz file) which is essentially a zip archive of a self-contained MemoryMiner .mmlib file format.


• Selection markers are automatically shown or hidden as the mouse cursor moved enters or exits the Photo Editor view.
• Several database schema changes which make for a more consistent file format, and lay the groundwork for future enhancements.
• GEDCOM files encoded using the ANSEL format are now supported. Additionally, inconsistent data such as multiple birth dates no longer cause failure when parsing the data.
• The HTML export is now compatible with Safari 3.0, uses the latest version of the prototype Javascript library, and has a new color scheme to match the new MemoryMiner application icon.

Bug Fixes:

• Photos with IPTC values for the “Contact” field are now trimmed of leading and trailing spaces (e.g. ” John Smith” converted to “John Smith”) in order to prevent accidental duplicate creation of People objects upon import.
• Fixed problem where photos which have a month and/or day but no year (e.g. “????-12-25″ would cause the date range slider to be hidden.
• Fixed numerous small problems in the various non-English localizations of the program.
• Fixed crasher for Aperture libraries which can sometimes have inconsistent data.

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