GEDmill 1.10.0

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

GEDmill 1.10.0 has been released.


• Tree Colour selection is now possible.
• Efficiency improvements to improve operation with large GEDCOM files (10000+ records).
• Can sort individuals and sources by Include checkbox.
• Number of individuals & sources shown in tab names.
• When user selects a PDF thumbnail, the document icon is moved to the main window, rather than opened immediately.
• Added option to increase height of tree boxes to accomodate long names.
• Made hotlink go to registered users’ page rather than front page.
• Removed limit of 32 multimedia files.

• Now able to select a “withheld” individual as a “key” individual.
• Where multiple events appear for things that can only happen once (e.g. birth, death) indicate that the first one in the GEDCOM is preferred.
• Added option to supress all pics & multimedia.
• Changed large video, doc, audio images to say “Click to download”.
• Added support for ADDR and CAUS tags in events.
• Source custom footers now work in HTML format.
• GEDmill footnotes link to
• Checking tree diagrams box en/disables other controls.
• WWW GEDCOM 5.5.1 tag creates hyperlinks when it occurs in events.


• Fixed crash where multimedia file names were of the form :/folder/filename.
• Fixed crash where individual adopted by non existent husband.
• Corrected image statistics on web front page.
• Fixed bug in index where names start with accented letters.

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