The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 6.1.3

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 6.1.3 has been released.

Changes :

• Albums: New media search results now offer pagination if there are more results than can be displayed.
• Added “min-width” style to Admin menu columns to compensate for Safari 3 bug that caused labels to extend beyond column widths.
• The zoom and placelevel fields for each new place imported will now be defaulted to “0″ (blank values prevented the table from being restored under MySQL 5).

Fixes :

• The Dates & Anniversaries page was not accounting for the server offset time.
• Double quotes in a person’s name were throwing off the layout of the “show media” page.
• Setting an image to open in a new window was causing the corresponding link on the RSS page to break.
• It was possible to open some documents linked to living individuals from the RSS page.
• The report generator would malfunction on a custom query with multiple “AS” statements in the same field selector.
• Clearing a branch was removing the wrong branches in some cases if the affected individuals had more than one branch label.
• Logging in immediately after creating a GEDCOM on the public side caused the GEDCOM to be created again.
• Users assigned to a tree were not able to switch to other trees if a login was being required.
• The statistics page was not correctly calculating the lifespan of individuals who died the day they were born.
• The descendancy box charts (standard and compact) were showing incorrect relationships in some cases if families included a blank spouse.
• The RSS page was not using the proper character set if the user had not visited another page on the site first – will now use the default character set.
• The report generator would show inactive reports for non-administrators if “&test=1″ was appended to the URL.
• The Repository page (showrepo.php) was not showing the “Edit” tab if the user was logged in with edit rights.
• Some labels on the Repository page (showrepo.php) were not showing correctly.
• The Admin/Edit Repository/Add New Event page was showing event types for sources, not repositories.
• A “1″ was being placed in the “Seal to Parents (LDS)” field after adding a child to a family.
• Importing custom event types would result in duplicates types if they were not in the same case.
• Source citations for family events were not showing on the Family Group Sheet.
• Source citation links on the Family Group Sheet were not pointing to the correct location.
• The log entry for a place search was incorrect.
• The date validation feature did not work on the “Review” pages for People and Families.
• Blank lists were being generated in the text-based descendancy chart.
• Widths of columns map section on individual page (getperson.php) were not lining up with columns in other sections.

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