GedStar Pro 3.2

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

GedStar Pro 3.2 has been released.

Changes :

• Changes for compatibility with Windows Vista™. Database (“.pdb”) and log files are now created in a GedStar Pro folder under the user’s My Documents folder. This should make them easier to find, and is a requirement for Vista compatibility.
• Source citation exhibits/photos should now work for the non-standard “linked file” GEDCOM construction used by Family Historian.
• Support non-standard CHAR tag for GEDCOM files generated by the Tribal Pages online genealogy site.
• Removed citation exhibit support for TMG, FTM, and PAF. The citation exhibit feature is not currently supported by GenBridge, so we will have to wait for a fix from Wholly Genes. This feature should continue to work for Legacy and GEDCOM users.
• On the handheld, research tasks (to-do items) for individual persons, etc. can now be filtered to show or not show completed tasks. Previously this filtering only worked on the master Research Log screen; now it works when accessing the tasks from an individual’s screen or any other item that can have a task assigned to it. (This is a TMG and Legacy feature only).

• Sources associated directly with an individual in a GEDCOM file, as opposed to sources associated with an event, are now recognized and handled by creating a “General sources” event and attaching them to that.
• Exhibits, including photos, are now supported for source citations as well as for the source records themselves. This currently works only for Legacy and GEDCOM imports.
• The GedStar Pro PC program now automatically opens the most recently saved configuration file when it is launched. If you only have one database that you’re working with – by far the most common case – then you should no longer have to click on the File menu item to reload your conversion settings.
• New version of GenBridge library (changes of internal interest only).

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