Personal Ancestry Writer II v75

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Personal Ancestry Writer II v75 has been released.

Changes :

• An index has been automatically added to the end of RTF Registers and Ahnentafels in which the index references are to the entry numbers in which a person appears.
• An index entry will include any birth-death years in parentheses, and will include the names of any partners who also appear in the index following “m.”. Note that different people who have the same name will be separately indexed, and a person who appears more than once in a given entry will have that entry number repeated in the index.
• Indexed people are boldfaced in the main text.
• The Reference Guide topics “File menu > Write RTF > Register” and ” > Ahnentafel” were updated to reflect this change.
• RTF files can be opened in AppleWorks, iWorks Pages, MS Word and most other word processor and desktop publishing programs by dragging the RTF fille over the program’s icon.

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