Genbox Family History 3.7.1

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Genbox Family History 3.7.1 has been released.

Changes :

• When a database is not open, the file open dialog now supports GEDCOM, Chart, and Report files as well as databases.
• Duplicate family records are now detected; the “fix” option will merge them.
• RTF Reports: added the Preferences-Operation option “Max DPI for RTF Images”, with a default value of 100.
• Images saved to RTF reports now use significantly less space, resulting in much smaller report files.
• Language resources updated for German and Slovakian.

Fixes :

• Family events without spouse and children are now deleted when the main individual is deleted.
• Double-clicking on “Add child” to open the pick dialog no longer adds a child of that name instead.
• When entering a new name on the Summary Page, brackets around the name are now treated as delimiters. No surname will be assigned.
• Changing the identifier type on the Identifiers Page between a Name type, a User ID type, or a Nickname type will cause slashes, brackets, or quotes to be removed/added/displayed as appropriate.
• The matching records on the pick list are now displayed correctly under Windows Vista.
• Corrected storage of IPTC caption for newly added media.
• Media records are now displayed in ID order on the Media View.
• When both husbands and wives of two families are merged, the families are now correctly merged.
• Source name auto-generation from template: if [DOC PLACE] is in source name template, changes cause name to refresh.
• A search on source citation criteria now correctly excludes matches to media caption citations.
• Searching on local site has been corrected.
• The “distorted text” problem that sometimes appeared on fan charts has been corrected.
• Links on inverted descendant charts (oldest ancestor on bottom) are now displayed correctly after save and reload.
• Clicking “Select All” on the Individuals Pick Dialog after filtering on a name value now returns the correct list of individual records.
• Full page media, with and without title/caption, is now sized and displayed correctly.
• Filtering on date values in table-style reports has been corrected.
• Corrected problems editing the custom labels on table-style reports.
• With footnotes: the report body font is used for measurements instead of the preferences notes font.
• Media for children are now shown correctly.
• Media on pages beyond the first now display correctly.

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