Future Genealogists

Posted by admin on Nov 5, 2007

About Future Genealogists

Created in 2005, the FGS Youth Committee exists to promote, mentor, and educate youth involved in family history and genealogy, and to help them find a voice in the genealogical community.

The FGS Youth Society is a place for youth of all ages to come together in their quest for finding ancestors. As we, all know it is important for everyone to fell as if they belong and have friends who have the same interest. They can share ideas, research questions, and even help one another with on site research in their area of the country.

Membership is free, but we do ask that you fill out and send in the Membership Application. None of this information is made public. We do everything possible to protect your privacy and that of your children. You will be sent a code to use for the vendors that have offered reduced pricing to our members.

We have a wide range of ages in our membership. Our hope is that the older members can mentor the younger ones. We have a blog that is monitored and nothing is submitted without being read by Starr Campbell first.

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