Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.

Fixes :

• While exporting a treeview to a PDF file under certain conditions the last line of a duplicate cross-reference could be cropped though the box dimensions have been calculated by the Automatic Width/Height feature.
• While exporting a PDF card index based on a Grandparent’s Descendants Tree under certain conditions multiple file cards and bookmark entries have been created.
• The FamilyTreeFactory can manage up to five godparents or witnesses for each baptism or marriage. A GEDCOM import of more than five comma separated pieces of data caused a break-off of the import process.
• While exporting GEDCOM files the warning “The contact coding is currently set such that the contact names are not exported. However, contact names exist.” appeared for every and not only for the first occurring contact name.

• The check for overlapping objects with shadows failed under certain conditions for boxes in the bottom row or in the rightmost column.
• The functions Search for Common Ancestors of Two Persons… and Search for Common Descendants of Two Persons… offer the possibility of creating a Descendant Tree for a common ancestor or an Ancestor Tree for a common descendant. In the resulting graphic all boxes that are part of the direct lineage between the two persons and the common relative can be highlighted with color. In case of duplicates in the direct lineage and thus more than two direct lineages the color assignment failed.
• While dragging box background image files from the Windows Explorer to the previews of the Treeview Options dialog, Box Colors tab, Definition of the Main and Ancillary Color Schemes sub-tab and the Replacement Color Scheme dialog the check of the file names regarding the last character and the existance of ten different image files failed (for the so called revolving assignment).
• The color selection dropdown lists in the wizards for the export of Miniature Overviews and for the creation of Connected Partial Trees did not scale in accordance with the dpi value of the monitor resolution (dpi values 96, 120, 144, 192).
• In the Treeview Options dialog, Box Colors tab, Assignment of the Ancillary Color Schemes sub-tab, Ancillaray Color Scheme 2 area, Conditional (dependent on personal data) option, enabling/disabling of the text entry fields of the Condition 2 failed.
• Some small corrections.

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