Behold alpha

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Behold alpha has been released.

New features :

• Add the file size and number of records, pointers and data tags by type into the the File Information.
• Add a heading line just below the other titles to indicate when there are possible errors and link to the File Information sections to easily access the messages.
• Add a “Messages” section to the organize Report page. This allows warning and problem messages to be customized, to allow for future language translations.
• Allow Behold to read partial or incomplete GEDCOM files and pick out and display all the information from them. Unique Feature – Only in Behold!

Improvements :

• Add extra checkpoints for spouses and families so that hyperlinks from their events can go directly back to them.
• Get the link on the title to refer to the location of the person in that section, rather than to the first occurrence of that person.
• Deactivate Forward/Backward history if their locations no longer exist after the file has been organized.
• Rework the input routine to merge concatenated lines together for various internal improvements.
• Eliminate the *CONC, *BLANKLINE and *BADLINE tags
• Display the GEDCOM ID of inline notes at the end of the note, when selected.
• Do not tie the “Refresh” action (F5 key) to the RM and EE selections, but allow regeneration of the Everything Report at any time.
• Add the Index section names into the Table of Contents on the Everything Report. This is needed to make it easy to get to those sections in HTML and RTF export because they don’t have a TreeView. And the concept is that these two exports will always look the same as the Everything Report.
• Deactivate the “Back to Everything Report” from the View Menu since it doesn’t do anything from the Main window.
• Limit the number of people shown and display full names in the heading lines.
• Assume a person’s surname if surname is missing, first using their father’s surname if given, else using their oldest child’s surname if given.
• Immediately regenerate the report when the RM or EE buttons are pressed. This eliminates the need to press the Refresh button first. I flip flopped on this, going back to how it originally was before it was changed in version 0.98.8.
• Use an “unspecified name” variable for all missing names, and default it to “???”. This can be changed in the report options.
• Include an explanation of what the “Incorrectly Linked Families” section is and how to fix it. Also add a report option so this section and/or the explanation can be turned off.
• Show tags still using their default in bold text and display an explanation of what these bold tags represent.
• Review all remaining messages and ensure they adequately explain the problem and how Behold is handling it and a way you might be able to fix it.
• Move the messages that are in the Log file into the Everything Report.

Fixes :

• Get the memory dials to work on machines with over 2 GB of memory.
• Deactivate the “Edit ID” button on the GEDCOMs page when no GEDCOMs are loaded.
• Display the user name on the “Prepared By” line and in the log file for purchasers of Behold. Previously, it only displayed correctly for trial versions.
• Display top level sources correctly in the Forward/Backward history.
• Do not display an empty Name tag when subordinate name information exists.
• Prevent the incorrect hiding of some index entries when the last item before the index is hidden.
• Display the titles of source and citations correctly when they are made up of multiple lines connected by CONT or CONC tags.
• Show correct references instead of just an address number when references are in descriptions within other references or in citation info.
• Indent sources in the Source details section to the correct starting column.
• Display references to notes.
• Save custom text into the Behold file with a “Name” key instead of a “Tag” key. Because this was saved incorrectly, the custom text was not being loaded from the Behold file.
• Display hidden data and links within hidden data correctly and don’t number them.
• Make sure all sources and citations are displayed and numbered when Everyone Else is selected.
• Prevent Behold from wiping out the custom tags in the Behold file after the Show Used or Show Unused checkmarks are changed.
• Prevent unsaved Tag changes from being lost after the Show Used or Show Unused checkmarks are changed.
• Don’t export hidden text to HTML or RTF when it is not displayed on the screen.
• Make sure the Find function will find text in hidden data that is displayed.

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