SmartDraw 2008

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

SmartDraw 2008 has been released.

New features :

• Microsoft Office Interoperability: SmartDraw works seamlessly with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other Windows programs.
• Integrated Photo Capability: Built-in photo-software functionality allows you to import images directly from your digital camera or other source, crop and scale, adjust color and brightness, and drop them into org charts or any other illustration.
• Live Maps: capture live data from the Internet allowing you to incorporate roads, regions, counties, zip codes, countries and even satellite images from across the globe into their illustrations.
• ImageCharts: Use pictures and images to display your information instead of standard bars, lines and circles.
• Express Charting: Create charts and graphs without having to make a spreadsheet first.
• Instant Graphic Design: A professionally-designed graphic theme, specifying colors, line and type style, is automatically applied to each graphic.
• Automatic Business Graphics of all Kinds: SmartDraw includes hundreds of specialized SmartTemplates to automate the creation of every type of diagram.
• Automatic Flowcharting: Build flowcharts by clicking simple commands, rather than manually arranging and connecting shapes on the page.

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