UncleGED 8.04

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

UncleGED 8.04 has been released.

Changes :

• In previous version the default location for GEDCOM files and for HTML output was “C:Program FilesUncleGEDgedcom” and “C:Program FilesUncleGEDhtml”. This has been changed so that new location (path) is the current user’s “My DocumentsMy UncleGEDgedcom” and “My DocumentsMy UncleGEDhtml”. This change was made primarily address issues noted when running UncleGED on Windows Vista.

Fixes :

• Under some circumstances, UncleGED would fail to create a chrono.htm file and exits the web-page building loop prematurely. The result is that chrono.htm and other files are not built. This turns out to have been a problem only seen if the systems “Regional And Language Settings” were set to something other than “English (United States)” (for example “English (United Kingdom)”). This issue has been fixed and the chrono.htm file should be created regardless of the systems regional settings.

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