Second Site 2.0 build 7

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Second Site 2.0 build 7 has been released.

Enhancements :

• Added the following new User Items, all of which are intended to add content or control the structure of SubPages: Heading, Icon Description, List Type, Picture, Table Row and Text.
• Expanded Menu choices for User Items to Top, Bottom, MenuBar and SideBar.
• Added the Format.Repeat Marriage Tags property to control the repetition of marriage tags in the family section for the Formats that support that option.
• Added Theme-specific parameters to the Simple Blue and Simple Blue with Leave Themes to reduce the need for User Styles to set header font colors, etc.

• Added Theme-specific parameters to the nonzero – red and nonzero – brown Themes to reduce the need for User Styles.
• Added Filename and Topic to the list of Exhibit Gallery Text Filter fields.
• Added the Show Image Filename option to the Exhibit Gallery User Item.
• Added additional Page Scripts including: Menu Script(s) – Suppress All Menu Items.
• Added the Use Place Style on Place Information Page option to the Place Index User Item to control the use of the Place Style on Place Information pages.
• Added the Include() function for advanced users who want a way to include the content of other files via script statements.

Changes :

• Modified chart legends to eliminate items that do not appear in the current chart.
• Changed the Place Information pages in the Place Index so that if the Page Title is the same as the one and only Heading on a page, the Heading is omitted.
• Changed the default for Places.Use Place Style from unchecked to checked to agree with SS1 and the documentation.
• Changed all Themes; they now set link text-decoration parameters to a known state when you assign the Theme.
• Changed the Header Script “Welcome” to support GIF and PNG in addition to JPG for the welcome image.
• Rearranged the Edit Exhibit Gallery window to fit more comfortably on 800×600 monitors.
• Optimized some operations on the User Item list; still, if you have hundreds of User Items, close SubPages that contain many sub-items for best performance when manipulating items in the list.
• Changed sentence parsing rules such that excluding the living variation of a sentence rule (if any) will exclude the tag from a living subject’s person page entry; specifically, if a sentence has both non-living and living variations, and the living variation is excluded, Second Site will suppress the tag for living subjects.

Fixes :

• Fixed a problem in the descendant chart where lines from a spouseless descendant to his/her children overlaid the box of a childless spouse of a subsequent sibling.
• Fixed a problem where the Dates.Person Lifespan Option was ignored.
• Fixed a problem where using “JavaScript:” in the HRef for a Link User Item created an incorrect link.
• Fixed a problem where the Language.Write Byte Order Mark property was not enabled when Language.HTML Character Set was set to utf-8.
• Fixed a problem where the Menu Script “SideBar Items in MenuBar” caused misalignment issues.
• Fixed a problem where Custom Indexes did not honor the Name Index Surname Repeat property and did not place the associated continuation text in the proper place.

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