iFamily for Tiger 2.250

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.250 has been released.

Changes :

• Sources Pane: When you click on a Source-Reference (a Citation) and then invoke the Source dialog it will automatically preselect the Source that is relevant to the currently selected Source-Reference.
• Sources Pane: Corrected a bug that caused incorrect display of Source-References in the Sources pane after a Source-Reference had been deleted elsewhere within iFamily.
• Sources Pane: Added a button to enable direct referencing to the Active Source.
• Import Pictures – Prebuild All Thumbnails: The Import Pictures function now allows the user to Prebuild All Thumbnails. Although this takes a few minutes it results in faster response later because thumbnails do not have to be created on-the-fly. If you are importing a large number of pictures (1000’s) then you may like to take a coffee break while the thumbnails are being created.
• Thumbnails – instant display regardless of database size: A minor database change has been made to improve response when a database contains thousands of thumbnail images. Display of thumbnail images will now be instantaneous regardless of the size of your database or the type of processor in your machine (Intel vs PPC).
• Context diagram: The user can now set the colour gradient in the Context Diagram.

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