Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.

Fixes :

• While creating a person index by drawing a rectangle with the left mouse button the existence of column and row numbers has not been checked. This check has been added.
• At activation of the Partial Tree Wizard not all functions for the processing of personal data has been disabled. The fault has been corrected.
• At the creation of descendant numbers using the Henry system under certain conditions the count if children did not start with 1 but with a higher number. The fault has been corrected.
• When creating connected partial trees with descendant or ancestor numbers false or no numbers were assigned partly if the primary complete tree was not completely visible in the main window. The fault has been corrected.

• If a Grandparents’ Descendant Tree (Parents 2x chronological) was shown and data which also concerned the current treeview were changed in the Edit Personal Data dialog, a Grandparents’ Descendant Tree (Parents 1x central) was created at the following update. The same happened with Great-grandparents’ Descendant Tree. The fault has been corrected.
• At the assignment of ancillary color schemes according to the method Conditional (dependent on structure data) under certain conditions there were faults at the options Sons/Daughters in name lineage and Husbands/Wifes positioned on the left. The faults have been corrected.
• When moving an entire branch despite breaking off a change condition was recognized. The fault has been corrected.
• If a new output language has been created and some text elements for this language have not been translated, a list index error arose at the selection of this language. The fault has been corrected.
• When printing on several pages of which some remain empty due to the tree structure, an error TProgressBar property out of range could appear with breaking off of the printing. The fault has been corrected.
• Some small corrections.

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