Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

I missed it : FamilyTreeFactory has been released.

The initial version of the FamilyTreeFactory was the Stammbaumdrucker version localized to the English language.

Changes :

• Now all button icons are scaled in accordance with the dpi value of the monitor resolution. Through this the icon size grows with the dialog font size which also depends on the dpi values.
• The maximum count of godparents and witnesses was increased from two to five. This concerns the personal data management, the output on file cards as well as the Gedcom import and export.
• Using the function Don’t Split Boxes (Treeview Options, Printer Page tab) the page breaks lie no longer close to the left/top boxes, but more in the middle between the boxes. This change is obviously visible only at larger box distances.
• At the Gedcom import of civil and religious marriage data user-defined tags which start with “1 MARR” (for example “1 MARR church”) are no longer interpreted as a standard MARR tag. Now valid standard MARR tags are only “1 MARR”, “1 MARR Y” and “1 MARR Yes”.
• Some presettings for tags of the godparent and witness codings were changed to avoid misinterpretations at the Gedcom import.

Fixes :

• When dragging image files into the photo list of the Personal Data dialog, Photos tab, no photo was marked as primary photo if the photo list was empty until then. The fault has been corrected.
• The link to the FamilyTreeFactory homepage in the Help/Info menu did not work due to a mistake in writing. The fault has been corrected.
• Some small corrections.

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