Behold 0.98.9d alpha

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Behold 0.98.9d alpha has been released.

New features :

• Add a report title at the top of the Everything Report. Allow this to be customized and stored with the Behold file.
• Add a trailer line at the bottom of the Everything Report.
• Add a Report options page to the Organize window, and remove Behold’s custom tags from the Tags page by changing them into options on the Report page. This will include Contents to select the parts of the Everything Report to display with their titles, Extra information that can be included, and Text phrases that can be customized.
• Implement “Merge from” and “Merge into” for the options on the Report page.
• Add a “checkmark” toolbar item for a one button click to toggle between showing just selected tags or showing all tags. Unique Feature – Only in Behold!
• Display information for unselected tags with a light color (gray for text, olive for hyperlinks, teal for active hyperlinks) when showing All tags.
• Display people in the Name Index using a bold font when their father and mother are not in the file. This makes it easy to locate the earliest ancestors for a surname. Unique Feature – Only in Behold!
• Add new versions of Family Tree Maker to the internal list of programs that generate correct CONC tags. This will ensure that extra spaces are not be added into concatenated notes for GEDCOMs produced by FTM.

Improvements :

• Move the ID Number to the right of the line separating families, which makes it easier to locate and prevents it from visually interfering with the data.
• Simplify numbering to only include the Family ID/Number and Descendant number, and no longer include GEDCOM ID/Number or Surname ID/Number.
• Replace the Generation number, which was pretty useless, with a much simpler more obvious and less distracting generation offset number at the beginning of the separating line, but only when the generations fold at level 15 or more. This also allows the removal of the annoying “thick” separator line that was previously used to indicate a new generational offset.
• Display information about a primary person’s name (e.g. sources and notes) on its own line following the person’s name.
• Change the Tags page so that all GEDCOM tags are listed as their own name, and there are no longer prefixes before their names to indicate those that are Records, Links, or standard tags.
• Show Records, Links, Standard and Total counts for each tag instead of showing Input and Displayed counts.
• Reverse the order of displaying multi-level tags and separate with a period, e.g., “NOTE/HEAD” will now be displayed in the Tag file as “HEAD.NOTE”.
• Set the default CHIL tag to be unchecked so the list of children of each family is not displayed by default.
• Use the FAMC tag for displaying direct line parents and set the default to unchecked. Add a “Parents of spouse” option on the Report options page, so that only those parents can be displayed.
• Use the FAMS tag for displaying spouses and set the default to unchecked. Add an “Other Spouses” Report option to show spouses other than the one the person is currently paired with.
• Activate Instant Organize and Add Family Of using the person in the link being clicked instead of the person containing the link.
• Get the main structure text from the first structure rather than the last when a level 0 structure ID is found more than once.
• Do not display the main structure text of an external NOTE record when including it inline.
• Simplify how the initial directory is set for Open dialogs. What was done in 0.98.8 to match Microsoft Word but it didn’t quite do it.
• Put the “View GEDCOMs” icon back on the toolbar. What the h–k. I’d like it there and some people will want it. (Removed in 0.98.8)
• Ensure the View All GEDCOMs button and the View GEDCOMs icon are inactive if no GEDCOMs are loaded.
• Prevent folding of first row of Toolbar items when width of Behold window is reduced.
• Reformat the Readme.txt and License.txt so that long lines now are split with line breaks. This looks better when viewed without Wordwrap on.
• Upgrade to latest version of Inno Setup, my Install program, to meet Vista requirements.
• Display Schema definitions more clearly in the File Information.
• Recognize GEDCOM pointers only where valid in the GEDCOM so that the “@” sign can be at the start of data values.

Fixes :

• Prevent pasting text to the Everything Report when the Everything Report is not the active control.
• Remove the “Open as Read Only” checkbox that was inadvertently added to the Open window in 0.98.8.
• Read in the rest of the file after a blank line in the GEDCOM (introduced in 0.98.9).
• Ensure tag counts reset to zero after applying Organize changes so they don’t double count (introduced in 0.98.9a).
• Ensure the proper Instant Organize and Add Family people are displayed on right-clicking (introduced in 0.98).
• Correct problems with the display of entries in the history list of Forward/Back navigation.
• Get the hyperlinks to work in exported Rich Text Format (RTF) for internal links, external file references, websites and e-mail addresses.
• Accept leading or trailing spaces on the Registration Key.

Deleted :

• Remove the Surname Organize function. The within-family surname sorting effectively does the same thing.
• Remove the “123″ toolbar icon to turn the numbering off. Now that the numbering is out of the way, there’s no reason to turn it off.

Help :

• Convert help file from Windows Help Format to Compiled HTML Help for Vista compatibility.
• Change the help file to be more visual with callout numbers linking to descriptions.
• Update the Tutorial.

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