History of International Migration

Posted by admin on Jul 5, 2007

For most European countries emigration and immigration have been important factors in their history. Historians have  always studied these population movements, but it is not so clear what place the history of migration has occupied in  Europe. The impact of migration is probably underestimated in history teaching, and little or no attention is paid to the role of immigrants and emigrants in the history of the community.

The aim of the History of International Migration website is to help reseachers and students who want to study European migration movements by providing them with a kind of framework and with documents and information about sources on migration.

It uses a standard list of questions which should be answered to every subject in which migration plays a role.

The four main questions are:

1. Description of the migration movement
2. Causes of migration
3. Consequences of migration
4. Reactions on migration

Secondly the website uses a chronological framework:

1. Migration before 1750
2. Migration between 1750 -1914
3. Migration between 1914 -1945
4. Migration after 1945

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