Reunion 9.05

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Reunion 9.05 has been released.

New features :

• “Find on this Page” added to note fields, logs, and sources. This makes it easy to find words in long note fields, logs, and the free-form text field of source records.
• Repair multimedia links – a new feature to help you find and resolve broken multimedia links. See the new Repair button in: Reunion -> Preferences / Multimedia / Locations.
• “Paste as Plain Text” – a new menu item for pasting text in notes and logs that will strip text styles and colors from the pasted text.
• Enter source by number. If you’re familiar with your source numbers you can document the source of data even faster.
• Added the ability to search for “married name” in the Index and in the family card search box. Just use a dash before the name in the search box. For example, searching for “-clinton,hil” would find Hillary Clinton, even though her maiden name was Rodham.
• In Sibling popup menus, child status is appended to names of siblings.
• Picture windows – added more zoom choices when Control-clicking a picture window or using the Picture menu.

Changes :

• Enter Key – fixed a problem with the behavior of this key on certain PowerBook G4s.
• Ages window – Escape key closes the Options sheet.
• Ages window – opening/closing Options sheet properly restores the menu bar.
• Calendar window – the “Living Only” button changes to “Married Only” if Marriage is the selected event.
• Charts – added keyboard shortcuts for making bold and italic text in chart boxes.
• Charts – faster updating when all objects are selected and nudged using arrow keys.
• Charts – fixed some odd behavior with certain fonts.
• Charts – fixed some printing problems when printing to a single page (or creating PDF files) larger than 455 inches.
• Charts – Save Default Text Attributes is working properly.
• Charts – the previous orientation choice for descendant charts is remembered and applied to the next chart you create.
• CSS Web Styles- fixed some minor cosmetic problems and improved compatibility with Firefox and Explorer
• Image Quality- improved the quality of pictures on the family card, reports and web projects.
• Edit Parents window – fixed a cosmetic problem with showing results of edits.
• Editing – fixed a problem with deleting events and facts in the Edit Person and Edit Family windows.
• Family Card – corrected font size of title of a Note field when a non-default font was selected in Field Preferences for the Note field.
• Family Card – refreshed after deleting marked/unmarked people so that text “x marked people” is shown properly.
• Family Card – size of the child area on the family card is saved (this was a problem accidentally introduced in 9.04).
• File -> Save a Copy – “Exact copy” option wasn’t overwriting file of the same name.
• File -> Save a Copy – fixed a problem with the Return Address field in the Report Preferences when using the “Compact Copy” option.
• Find Anything / People searches – searching for hyphen in marriage dates works properly.
• Font Sizes – crossing platforms loses font sizes in prefs.
• GEDCOM Export – fixed sensitive data filtering for event memos.
• GEDCOM Import – added support for cross referenced marriage memos.
• Index – displaying ‘Married Name’ in the Index no longer confuses the ‘Spouse’ column.
• Index – fixed a problem with sorting and searching last names starting with “Mc”. NOTE: you must rebuild the Index to see this change. Choose Reunion -> Preferences / Index and click the Rebuild button.
• Initial Caps – fixed problem where Initial Caps was not applying to short first & middle names.
• List windows – sorting by the “Full Name” column works properly.
• Mailing Address Window – behavior of the Initial Caps and UPPERCASE buttons is no longer tied to Prefix Word settings in the Index Preferences.
• Mailing Address Reports – dividing lines are included when the Include Empty fields button is unchecked.
• Move Fields feature (in Field Preferences window) – added ability to move data to and from the “Misc Event” field.
• Pictures – improved the quality of reduced and cropped images in web output, on the family card, in the Multimedia window, in the Picture window, and in the Print Preview.
• Print Preview – fixed misc. problems with overlapping text, blank pages, page numbering.
• Reports, Register & Ahnentafel – marriage data properly included in narrative.
• Reports – Index and Surname pages in web output no longer force last names to uppercase.
• Reports – Color in notes is output properly in Person Sheets and Family Group Sheets.
• Reports – Color in RTF output no longer “bleeds” from one section to the title of the next section.
• Shortcut – Command+S clicks the Save button in Edit Spouses window and Custom Date window.
• Sibling popup menu – fixed a problem when a person’s parents are married to each other twice.
• Edit Source – fixed occasional crash when saving changes to a source.
• Source List – searching now ignores diacriticals.
• Upgrading – improvements when upgrading family files with extended characters.
• View popup menu in toolbar – Command key equivalents appear in the popup menu.
• Web Output – fixed a problem in notes with empty source reference when sources were not included.
• Web Output – fixed a linking problem with media files linked to sources.

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