Postcards and Portraits

Posted by admin on Jun 11, 2007

It’s easy to find some the dates of birth, mariage and death of an ancestor who lived in the 19th century but what about his portrait and the place where he lived ? As always GeneaNet is interested in sharing the sources and you can access for free to the postcards database and the portrait gallery !

Portrait gallery :

Everyone have found some photographs, paintings or drawings in a bottom drawer.

More than 6 000 portraits have been posted on the GeneaNet gallery. Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could find the photograph of one of your ancestors ? And the GeneaNet user that have posted it is perhaps an unknown relative…

Share your photographs !
More we will be, more we will have the chance to find our ancestors portraits.

You can also subscribe to the alert email that lets you know when new portraits are posted on the gallery.

Postcards database :

More then 20 000 postcards
have been posted in the database ! This is a community-based database and everyone can view and post the postcards for free.

Thanks to these postcards we can imagine where and how lived our ancestors : the market places, the churches, etc.

Feel free to send any postcard by mail to a relative or a friend !

You can also subscribe to the alert email that lets you know when new postcards are uploaded in the database.

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