Link a document to your online family tree

Posted by admin on Jun 20, 2007

150 000 records added to the GeneaNet database and about 500 000 if including original images !

Did you know that you could link some documents to your online family tree ? Yours and the other GeneaNet users ones ! How to.

Activate the linking feature

Because every GeneaNet user didn’t upload a family tree, the record linking feature must be activated.

First, go to your GeneaNet private space : “My GeneaNet : Online Records : Link to my family tree“.

This feature allows you to display any record – your or another GeneaNet user one – on any individual page of your online family tree.
It’s only a link. You can modify your uploaded records but not the other ones.

Just check the checkbox “Check/uncheck the checkbox to activate/deactivate” to activate the feature.

Direct access to your “Link to my family tree” page

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