Legacy Family Tree

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Legacy Family Tree has been released.

New features :

• Affiliate Program : We have changed to a new affiliate program. This is an exciting change which allows better reporting to our affiliates. This build updates Legacy to work with this new affiliate program. Existing affiliates need to create a new affiliate account and make sure all links they are using are changed over to the new system’s way of doing things. Those who have published web pages using Legacy, you’ll need to update your affiliate ID under the webpage options and re-create and upload their web pages. For more information on how to earn money by referring others to Legacy, visit http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/AffiliateProgram.asp
• Legacy Home : Deluxe Edition users should watch the news items on the Legacy Home tab for special offers and “extra-cool” articles. The free Standard Edition users can expect to continue to receive many great articles but hey, there has to be some cool things that only the Deluxe Edition users get.

Changes :

• Fonts : Resize of Master Source screen was not honoring the min and max font settings.
Passage Express (Create CD) : The check to see if Passage Express is installed is now performed before the task of selecting what to include.
• Search and Replace : A blank replacement text can now be used with Search and Replace of surnames as long as the Exact option is now used. For example, using Starts With option you could use search and replace to remove a prefix or other text at the start of the surname.

Fixes :

• Book Reports : Fixed a problem of a missing space after note titles and the notes.
• Events : Fixed an error 3021 when editing events if Show List feature was used from the master location list.
• Family View : When linking to parents to add to the wife on the Family View the Marriage List would open for selecting existing parents but was not being positioned correctly. We now jump to the female’s surname trying to get close to her father to make things quicker.
• IGI Search : The option to also search using only the wife’s first name was not working correctly.
• Import : After an import Legacy was not displaying a starting person if the Home Tab was the current tab.
• Location Verification : With the option to verify new locations turned on and the Enter Key behavior is set to Select Default Command option the edit individual information screen would close if the user would answer no to the new location verification popup question.
• Search : Deleting the last person in the search list would cause a runtime error.
• Sound files : The Play button was not always enabled as it should be when a sound file is attached in the Picture Gallery.
• Sources : Removing the last of multiple sources was not repositioning to the last source for the given event.
• Timelines : Fixed a couple problems with the “Canada – General History” timeline.
User ID : The File ID Assistant was showing ID’s in Uppercase. It now displays them as entered.

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