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WINSTON : 2: English: from the Middle English personal name Wynstan (Old English Wynstān from wynn ‘joy’ + stān ‘stone’).1: English: habitational name principally from Winson and Winstone (Gloucestershire) or Winston (Suffolk) occasionally perhaps from Winston (Durham) Winston in Brixton (Devon) or Winstone Farm near Wroxall (Isle of Wight). Winstone (Gloucestershire) derives from the Old English personal name Wynna + Old English stān ‘stone’. Winson (Gloucestershire) and the Suffolk Durham and Devon placenames derive from the Old English personal name Wine (genitive Wines) + Old English tūn ‘farmstead estate’. The Isle of Wight placename derives from the Old English personal name Wynsige + Old English tūn.4: Americanized form of Jewish <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Weinstein">Weinstein</a>.3: Welsh (southern): adopted for Welsh Trewin ‘house or farm (tref) of Wyn’. According to Morgan and Morgan it is thought that Tre-wyn in Crucornau Fawr in Gwent (Monmouthshire) is the source of this Welsh surname. This name has been established in the county of Waterford Ireland since 1573.

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