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SHIELDS : 1: English: variant of <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Shield">Shield</a> 1 (and perhaps occasionally 2 3 and 4) with plural or post-medieval excrescent -s. In the plural form the surname may also be topographic for someone who lived in or near some huts or habitational from a place so named such as North Shields (Northumberland) and South Shields (Durham) though these are unlikely to be the main sources of the surname.2: Irish: shortened form of <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/O%27Shields">O'Shields</a> an alternative Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Siadhail; see <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Shiel">Shiel</a>.

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