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All you have to know about the last name ROSE

Last name frequency

ROSE : This last name is indexed 1,110,722 times on Geneanet!

Origin of last name

ROSE : 1: English Scottish French Walloon Danish and German: from the name of the flower Middle English Old French Middle High German rose (from Latin rosa) in various applications. In part it is a topographic name for someone who lived at a place where wild roses grew or a topographic or habitational name referring to a house bearing the sign of the rose. It is also found especially in Europe as a nickname for a man with a ‘rosy’ complexion (compare 4 below). In North America the English form of the surname has absorbed cognates and similar-sounding names from other languages e.g. Hungarian Rózsa (see Rozsa) Slovak Róža and Czech Roza. Compare 6 below and French Larose 2.2: English: from the Middle English female personal name Rohese Roese later Rose Royse (ancient Germanic Hrodohaidis Rothaid composed of the elements hrōd ‘fame renown’ + haid(is) ‘kind sort’).3: English and Scottish: variant of Ross.4: French and Walloon (Rosé): nickname for someone with a rosy complexion from rosé ‘pinkish rosy’.5: French: habitational name from (La) Rose the name of several places in various parts of France. Compare Larose 3.6: French and Walloon: from the female personal name Rose from the name of the flower (see 1 above). This surname is also found in the West Indies and Mauritius.7: Italian (Calabria): habitational name from Rose the name of a place in Calabria.8: In some cases also an Americanized or Italianized form of Slovenian Rože: from a short form of any old vernacular form of the personal name Erazem Latin Erasmus in which the syllable raz was altered to rož (see Rozman).9: Jewish (Ashkenazic): from the Yiddish female personal name Royze derived from the Yiddish word royz ‘flower’ or an artificial name from the same word.

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