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NORMAN : This last name is indexed 355,214 times on Geneanet!

Origin of last name

NORMAN : 1: English Irish (Dublin and Cork) and Scottish: ethnic or habitational name applied either to a Scandinavian or to someone from Normandy in northern France. The Scandinavian adventurers of the Dark Ages called themselves northmenn ‘men from the North’. Before 1066 Scandinavian settlers in England were already fairly readily absorbed and Northman and Normann came to be used as bynames and later as personal names even among the Saxon inhabitants. The term gained a new use from 1066 onward when England was settled by invaders from Normandy who were likewise of Scandinavian origin but by now largely integrated with the native population and speaking a Romance language retaining only their original ancient Germanic name.2: English: from the Middle English personal name Norman (recorded in the late Old English period as Northman) derived from northman ‘northerner’.3: Americanized form of German Normann.4: Altered form of French Normand.5: Dutch: variant mostly Americanized of Noorman a cognate of 1 above.6: Swedish: of German origin (see Normann) or an ornamental name composed of the elements norr ‘north’ or nor ‘narrow stream between two waters’ + man ‘man’.7: Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Nordman.8: Americanized form of some similar (like-sounding) Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname. In at least one case it is an Americanized form of Novominsky the name of a family from Uman in Ukraine.

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