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MANNING : 1: Irish (Cork and Kerry): adopted as an English equivalent of Gaelic Ó Mainnín ‘descendant of Mainnín’ probably an assimilated form of Mainchín a diminutive of manach ‘monk’. This is the name of a chieftain family in Connacht. It is sometimes pronounced Ó Maingín and Anglicized as <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Mangan">Mangan</a>.2: English: from a Middle English survival of the Old English personal name Manning.3: North German and Dutch: habitational name from a farm so named once in possession of a certain Manno (see <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Mann">Mann</a> 2) and his kin.4: American shortened and altered form of Finnish <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Manninen">Manninen</a>.

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