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All you have to know about the last name HEARN

Last name frequency

HEARN : This last name is indexed 54,204 times on Geneanet!

Origin of last name

HEARN : 1: Irish (Waterford and Kilkenny): shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hEachthighearna ‘descendant of Eachthighearna’ a personal name meaning ‘lord of horses’ from each ‘horse’ + tighearna ‘master lord’.2: English: topographic name from Middle English herne hirne or hurne from Old English hyrne ‘nook or corner of land’ (i.e. an out-of-the-way secluded place) or ‘bend of a river’. The name may also be habitational from Herne (Kent) Hurn (Dorset) or Hirn (Hampshire) with the same etymology as the topographic term. In post-medieval English pronunciation the three forms have converged and the spellings become interchangeable. Hurn may sometimes have been pronounced and spelled the same as the surname Horn.3: English: habitational name from Herne in Tottington Bedfordshire so called from the dative plural (originally used after a preposition) of Old English hær ‘stone’ i.e. ‘at the stones’.4: English: variant of Herron.

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