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GLASGOW : 1: Scottish (Lanarkshire and Midlothian): habitational name from Glasgow the city on the Clyde (first recorded in 1116 as Glasgu) or from either of two minor places with the same name in Aberdeenshire. The etymology of the placename is disputed; it is probably from Welsh glas ‘gray green blue’ + cau ‘hollows’.2: Scottish and Irish (Tyrone and Antrim): altered form of Closkey a shortened and Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Bhloscaidhe ‘son of Bloscadh’ (see <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/McCloskey">McCloskey</a>).3: Irish: variant of English <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Glasscock">Glasscock</a> which was once common in County Kildare.

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