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FLACK : 1: English: from Middle English flak ‘sod turf block of peat’ (as found in the placename Flatmoor in Cambridgeshire recorded as Flackemore in 1221 ) and hence perhaps a metonymic occupational name for a turf cutter. Compare <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Flagg">Flagg</a> 1.2: English: variant of <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Fleck">Fleck</a>.3: German: variant of <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Flak">Flak</a>.4: German: dialect form of <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Fleck">Fleck</a>. This is a Gottscheerish (i.e. Gottschee German) surname originating from the Kočevsko region in Lower Carniola Slovenia (see <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Kocevar">Kocevar</a>).

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