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CREIGHTON : 1: Scottish and Irish: habitational name from Crichton near Edinburgh first recorded c. 1128 in the form Crectune in 1287 as Crecton and in 1360 as Creychtona. The name is probably an early hybrid compound of Old Welsh creic ‘rock’ + Older Scots tun ‘farm settlement’ (Old English tūn). In Ireland and Britain this form of the name is now found chiefly in northern Ireland; the more usual Scottish forms are <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Crichton">Crichton</a> and <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Crighton">Crighton</a>.2: Irish: sometimes used for Gaelic Ó Creacháin or Ó Criocháin (see <a href="https://en.geneanet.org/surnames/Crehan">Crehan</a>).3: English: habitational name from Creighton in Staffordshire named with Celtic creig ‘rock’ + Old English tūn ‘settlement’.

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