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Design of mantle for coat of arms

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Dear Members,

I'm looking for design advice for the mantle on a coat of arms. My family CoA is "d'Argent a 8 mouchetures d'hermine de sable posee 4, 3, 1. I'm going to use the attached as a basis for the painting, it's from an 18th century armorial that the family name is included in.

As I understand it the accompanying mantle should take colours from elements on the CoA. But the arms are fairly monochrome, black and white (or silver) essentially. Does anyone have advice on appropriate colours? I'm trying to keep to an authentic design but think the overall effect won't work with just black and white throughout.

Sincere thanks,
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Unless this family is Irish, the custom in most countries was to use the first metal and the first color mentioned in the blazon for the mantling. Irish arms often use gules and argent. What ethnicity is the family? Perhaps in their homeland there is a different rule for mantling.
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