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Mathurin Charles Leon LAINE

Posted: 30 October 2018, 07:12
by delainefamily
Searching for any shipping lists / passengers / crews, containing my Great gr grandfather Mathurin Charles Leon LAINE, leaving France from 1836-1843. He was in South Australia by 1843 but how he came here is unknown. Any other information regarding his life or family in Brehand, France would be wonderful. He was born in 1818 Etretat, and lived in Moncontour. His mother, Berenice Laine (daughter of Mathurin Lesne 1757), married Aza Bullard Casper in 1828 and had more children, but have no further information on Casper. He may have been a sea captain. I have received some great family tree information dating back to the 1500's from David, Roland and Jean on Geneanet re Mathurin. His Birth Certificate surname is LAINE, with ancestors of LESNE. However, he signed his marriage certificate with surname of De Laine. Some theories are that he may have been educated in USA or Canada, but I know of no facts connected to this.
S. Mills. Adelaide, South Australia.

Re: Mathurin Charles Leon LAINE

Posted: 30 April 2019, 13:34
by crasy003
Hi S. Mills!

My name is Sara, and I am also a descendant of MCL DeLaine (he is my GGG Grandfather, a decedent of his 10th child, Arthur); and I am trying to trace him back too. The information you have is great, it's more than I know myself from my Grandma, and the DeLaine Family History Book (which we inherited after she died in 2009). I have hit a brick wall too when trying to establish MCL's French decedents, but I am studying at Flinders to be an Historical Archaeologist, so am taking any opportunities and tips to find new leads. I am going to some archive/family history search courses during May (History Month), and am planning to ask someone I know, who speaks French, to help me access the Le Havre Seine-Maritime archives. I will let you know if I can come up with any updates!

I would love to be able to add/update the DeLaine family book, as we have at least 9 new GGGG Grandchildren to add to the list since it was published in 2008!

Sorry I can't add anything new, but I thought you might be interested that my family is also looking for information on MCL!

Sara. :) :)

Re: Mathurin Charles Leon LAINE

Posted: 15 June 2019, 12:42
by teammisti
Hi All
My husbands family are from the Arthur Edward line of Mathurin Charles Leon Delaine.
I use the as well as other sources and have found that as an 11year old Mathurin or as he is listed on the passenger list Charles Laine accompanied his mother Berenice and step father Asa Bullard Casper and half brothers and sisters to America, arriving in New York in 1829. His mother seems to have been unmarried at the time his birth was registered. She married Asa in England in 1824 they had four children and then had another marriage ceremony maybe civil in 1828 in France. Of course this is what I think from what ive found, I'm open to other interpretations. I can't find anything further regarding the family in the US. The Mythology within the family has led me to believe that Mathurin was on the French whaling ship the Mississippi when it called int Pt Lincoln for supplies in 1839 .It was the first foreign ship to call into that port so there are newspaper reports of the event. The ship left then returned to try to locate two crew who jumped ship. No documentation as to what they found when they returned, but family mythology is that Mathurin jumped ship with the cook. My husband always thought it was Pt Adelaide but apparently at the time he is supposed to have jumped ship there was no Pt Adelaide. Your information regarding LESNE is new to me, I'll start looking for that on Ancestry. I certainly cant say what I have written is definative but the passenger list clearly indicates the details I have outlined. Frustrating to get a dead end in the US.
Looking forward to sharing information !

Re: Mathurin Charles Leon LAINE

Posted: 15 June 2019, 14:28
by delainefamily
Hi Sandy. I guess you are a relation of Sara, who I spoke with when I was in Paris recently, as you both are descendants of Arthur. Is that correct? I am a great granddaughter of Caroline De Laine - Mathurin and Jane's first child, and granddaughter of her son Alfred. The information about the family in US is fascinating. There have been many theories in the past about a connection of some type to America. Casper's family were American and I have details of them, so perhaps it was a trip to meet his family. Over the past year I have collating a huge amount of information and records of Mathurin, his family in France and distant ancestors, tracing back through both his grandfather and grandmother's families. As his mother Berenice Laine never married prior to her marriage with Aza, as you said, she retained the Laine name. On records, her father's name is spelt Lesne. Spelling of names did tend to vary in those times. I have just returned from Europe and visited very special places of our extensive ancestors' family histories. If you have a look on Familypedia under Mathurin's name you will see some updated information which I added in the past, but also some I did this week. But there is a lot more also. I will contact you via a message.
Susan Mills.

Re: Mathurin Charles Leon LAINE

Posted: 15 June 2019, 14:37
by teammisti
Thankyou for the reply I will followup and view your information. I dont believe I know Sara but Arthur had 7 children. My husband is from the Reginal Reeves line. Its so interesting and I get side tracked trying to do both his family and then mine. I have been searching this site tonight but as I dont have a subscription its quite limited but at least I've made contact with you and Sara. Certainly knowing to look now using Lesne is helping too. Looking forward to chatting again. SANDY